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Mar’Morvyne is coming.

Seventeen-year-old Duncan Alexander is thrust into a parallel universe, a modern day Earth where magic is applied on an industrial scale, and dragons and knights keep a tense peace.

Duncan needs to learn fast about magic, dragons, and his own new powers. He’s the only one who can find Mar’Morvyne, a sorcerer who’ll rewrite the laws of magic this parallel Earth depends on, killing millions in the process.  First among the dead will be Carla, the girl Duncan’s met in a dream every night for the last year.

Has Duncan the strength and skill to do the impossible? Can he stop Mar’Morvyne?



I started this series to write a fantasy set in a contemporary world that applied magic on an industrial scale. I wanted magic so woven into this modern world that spells were used to hold individual bricks together, and to power vehicles. But, I wanted castles and swords, knights and dragons. Basically, I wanted epic fantasy and urban fantasy all mashed up in one big cake and I wanted to eat it too!

That was how it began. Then came Duncan and Carla, and The King’s Apprentice was born. The journey started for real.

I hope you enjoy the ride.

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